Heritage Clocks-clock gallery

Heritage Clocks-clock gallery

Heritage Clocks-clock gallery

Heritage Clocks-clock gallery
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Ansonia Steeple Clock
Shelf 30 hour Time and Strike 1800's In need of tlc
Black Forest Wag on Wall
Very Rare Wooden works 30 hour Time and Strike 1880-1900's
Black Forest  "Hunters Cuckoo"
8 day 2 weight time and strike wall clock,1970's A little more modern.This clock represents the hunters style cuckoo. Notice the game hanging on either side of the clock, gathered from the hunt. Rabbit and a Quail.The cross rifles at the peak of the clock, accented with an Elk or Deer with full antlers.A game bag at the bottom, with the dial center on a bugle.
French Drum Clock 1900's
Also known as Children's Room or Kitchen Clock. Time only ( tic tac) type movement. Frantic Pendulum Metal Case

Gilbert the Maria.

Time and strike 8 day key wind. 1910’s A very simple clocks not flashy. I think they are kind of Gothic. And were called Mission clocks.



Ingraham Time and Strike Calendar
. 8 day key wind. Well this is another special clock,  that has come to me in my life. I like sharing this clock because it belonged to my Grandparent. It was given to them on there wedding day back in the late 1800’s.I completely restored this clock when I was in my late 20’s.This clock will be handed down to my daughter. I hope she will treasure it as much as I have threw the years.
Seth Thomas
Stamped # 89 .
Mantel 8 day time and strike count wheel movement.This clock now looks brand new. It took 25 bushings,and all pivots and pallets polished.The mainspring bushing are made of bronze,which I made on a lathe.The back plate is a solid plate not typical of allot of plates that are cut out, like the front of this movement. This movement is from the early 1900's.This give our customers a bit of an idea of what we perform on overhauls  here at Heritage Clock.A complete going over is a must.All parts inspected and professionally cleaned and oiled.


Waterbury Mantel 8 day time and strike.
Painted wood. 1880's
Waterbury 8 day time and strike.
1880’s. This is a treasure to me, because this is the first clock I ever worked on. I overhauled the movement when I was 19 years of age. And repainted the case when I was 23 years of age. I never new my sister had this clock, which she got from the person that taught me clock repair. So when I saw it at her home, I knew I had to get it from her. This clock is still running to this day, after 32 years since it was overhauled.

Swedish  Westerstrand 8 day time and strike.
1920’s With a Bim Bam Movement.


1922-1927 :  
MODELS - 115 , 1105 , 1130 , 1240 , 215 , 130 , 230 Hand wound 10 day  models, With Key Brass Dial : Copper Contacts on Bakelite platform. Made by old Ansonia Clock Company
1928-1929 :
MODELS - 115 , 215 , 130 , 230 , 166 Hand wound 10 day models, With Key Bakelite Dial : Copper Contacts Made by old Ansonia Clock Company
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